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University Of Phoenix Collaborates With Education At Work To Help Students And Employees

As a result of the new arrangement, available positions at Education at Work may be advertised to University at Phoenix students and graduates.

The University of Phoenix and PHOENIX Educating at Work (EAW) have signed an agreement that allows students and alumni of the university to be hired by EAW. Employees of EAW who choose to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees can take advantage of a tuition reimbursement programme included in the agreement. Employees of Education at Work who join this alliance may be eligible for free tuition for their degrees, permitting your educational journey and upskill while retaining their existing work and career path. Education at Work

Cooperation between further education and training firms offers a way to improve employee training and education possibilities in order to retain and expand talent in a tight labour market;

In order to help students get a job and pay for their education, Education at Work has agreements with Fortune 100 technology, banking sectors, and healthcare companies. Education at Work has been demonstrated to be a differentiator to university students through our current relationships with universities. Education at Work students have higher retention and completion rates, more competency in their career skills, and are more likely to secure that big job after graduation compared to their institutional peers,” the survey states. ” Education at Work’s senior vice president for partnerships and growth

University of Phoenix’s Workforce Solutions teams worked with EAW to identify student profiles that best meet EAW’s hiring goals. In 2022, more than 30 students from the University of Phoenix have indeed been hired through Learning at Work.

Working with University of Phoenix, we are providing its students with high-paying jobs that will help them land a career in their field of study. Everyone here at EAW is excited by the quality of students from the University of Phoenix, who we are confident will be outstanding contributors to our client programmes. We are excited for them to complete their students at the University of Arizona and use their EAW training to advance in their careers.

Under the new arrangement, all EAW workers and programme participants will be eligible for up to $5,250 in annual tuition aid. Participants may attend up to 8 undergraduate courses, five master’s courses, or two doctoral courses throughout a calendar year for free under the $5,250 tuition cap for participating employees. The university waives the fees of credit-bearing single programs, certificates, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate courses for participating personnel through the completion of their programmes.

With a significant need for qualified professionals in the labour market, Raghu Krishnaiah, founder and chairman of University of Phoenix. “We are happy to be working alongside Education at Workplace to offer workers and programme participants the option to further their education.” As a result of our partnership with EAW, we’re excited to help our students land jobs in the industry.

Employers and community colleges can turn to the University of Arizona Workforce Solutions team for customised education and career pathways that help them attract, train, retrain, and retain their best employees. Live help, career guidance & support tools, education programmes, learning pathways and credit choices are all available through their adaptable solutions, which are tailored to the demands of the business.

The University of Arizona Workforce Solutions website has more information.

In Relation To Professional Development In The Workplace

The goal of Education at Work is to assist college students in reducing their student loan burden while simultaneously enhancing their employability. EAW collaborates with institutions to place students in high-paying positions that will help them land a career in the future. Strada Collaborative, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities of all students, includes EAW.

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When it comes to helping working adults advance their careers, the University of Arizona is constantly innovating. Students may better pursue their professional and personal goals while still juggling their hectic schedules thanks to features like Career Services for Life, which offers students a variety of career and personal counselling services.


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