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Waste Management In Arizona

With pride and dedication, Waste Disposal of Arizona has already been providing services to the towns of Arizona for further than 55 years. Our 2,352 regional team members, which includes 188 Veterans, are committed to serving our customers and creating healthier, greener communities for their colleagues, families, or neighbours today & year round, no matter what the weather brings. Work at 39 locations around Arizona, where they are dedicated to servicing our clients and fostering healthier, greener communities for their colleagues, families, and neighbours. We Are Dedicated To Making A Changes In People’s Lives Of Others.

WM is proud to support charitable organisations in terms of giving back to the areas in which we operate. In 2019, we provided help to over 90 events throughout the country. Additional donations were made to the Valley of a Sun United Way by employees at WM Maricopa County, which was gratefully accepted by the organisation.

Waste Disposal Phoenix Has Opened Its Doors To Business In A Ceremonial Manner

Waste disposal is a phrase that refers to a process of disposing of trash. According to the firm, the Phoenix International has been certified by UL as the nation’s biggest low waste sporting event for the seven years prior to this year’s championship. Furthermore, it is powered entirely by renewable energy, giving it a carbon-neutral structure. – W.M. Smith is a supporter of the Wasatch Environment Fund’s Change the Course campaign, which aims to educate the public on the importance of conserving our finite water supplies. More than two billion gallons of fresh water have been restored to the Arizona Green River Valley as a consequence of this initiative. In total, $13.2 million for further than 200 USA charities during in the 2019 International Marathon & Paralympics of Phoenix, which took place in February. This includes top reasons for four environmental groups on Green Out Day, which brought attention of their work.

Dedicated To The Advancement Of Renewable Energy Sources That Are Environmentally Benign

Every year, we use our Northwest Regional Landfill to generate enough electricity to power 2,400 Arizona homes. Our resource recovery facility in Surprise is a LEED-certified facility, and our Northeastern Regional Landfill converts landfill gas into energy, which is used to power 350 Arizona homes each year. In order to process our growing biogas (CNG) fleet, a compressed natural (CNG) fueling station was constructed in Goodyear, Arizona. The station officially opened its doors in 2019. Every year, our 268 clean compressed natural gas trucks help us save approximately 2,144,000 litres of fuel & 3,752 tonnes or greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentally Sustainable Practises Must Be Maintained In Arizona

Arizona’s Department of Environmental Protection reports that the state recycled and over 60,674 tonnes of bottles and cans, as well as paper and cardboard, in the past year. The following are examples of items that were collected and reprocessed in this process:

Over the past five years, 520,000 mature trees have been planted.

It was estimated that 291 million gallons of water were consumed.

The amount of electricity consumed was 154 million kwh of electricity .


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