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Cardinals Hurting Themselves By Not Extending Kyler Murray

When it comes to signing two-time Postseason pitcher Kyler Murray’s contract, the Cardinals have already been slow in deciding whether or not to do so.

A contract offer from Erik Burkhardt was made public earlier this summer in a statement. According to sources, Murray has made it clear that he wants to be the Cardinals’ long-term franchise quarterback.

In spite of the fact that Burkhardt’s assessment of the case has been less than ideal, the comments were nevertheless accurate in the final analysis. Even when other teams took aggressive moves that signalled their desire to win, Jim Burkhardt and the Arizona Cardinals’ fan base have sat and observed. That being said, it’s only a matter of time before they get back on track with their preparations for the new season, and they haven’t done anything to do so thus far.

Cards owner Peter Bidwill and the front office have been rumoured to have agreed to initiate contract negotiations the Murray’s camp in the summer when the organisation is not forced to do so because of the impending drought. Keeping one’s end of the bargain is essential for the success of the team.

It’s more likely that as time passes, the cost will increase. The Las Vegas Raiders & quarterback Derek Carr came to terms early on Wednesday morning on a 3 extension worth an average of $40.5 million annually.

If indeed the whole contract is completed, the overall worth of the contract will be around $35 million every season. It is a rather deceptive contract. Since Carr signed a collaborative contract following his contract influenced the player’s decision to trade outstanding pass rusher Ryan Khalil a few seasons ago, the guarantees are likewise small.

Regardless of whether the Cardinals extend Murray, his camp could use fact that the other teams are doing so as leverage to secure a greater contract.

Additionally, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford received multi-year contracts this summer, pushing the yearly cost of a strong quarterback like the Cardinals to a new level. Specifically because of the Watson deal, it is possible that Murray’s Cardinals contract extension ended up being more expensive than originally anticipated.

Players such as Ravens wide receiver Lamar Jackson and Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who was acquired only recently, are both expected to see their contracts extended soon. If Bidwill and front office want to prevent seeing Murray’s price tag rise farther in the future, they should extend his deal now.

Cardinals management has struggled to maintain positive connections with their key players, make when it relates to contract talks. The relationship between you and him will only get worse if you keep him around any longer.

Indianapolis Colt owner Jim Irsay revealed during the League owners meeting that the team has pondered trading for a new quarterback in exchange for multiple first-round draught picks. Due to the fact that Devin Watson was also the only other budding prospect worthy of multiple first-round selections, it is safe to believe that Irsay spoke to Murray, as the Texans blocked their divisional rival Colts form interviewing him.


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